Monday, February 8, 2010

Unique Ship's Wheel Wine Rack - $65

theAd>>Very unique Nautical Collector's wine rack. Ship's Wheel, 26-1/2" tip to tip, 19" inside diameter,, 5-1/4" wide, holds 8 wine bottles

Do not drink and drive....not even boats. Or maybe don't store your wine in the wheel.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Princess Diana Knife - $25

theAd>>England's Rose, Princess Diana Knife.
A gift from my grandmother in England.
Still in the original box.

excellent condition

Make a great gift

Well I am sure it is in excellent condition. What, are you going to wear it out...from use....when would you use this and for what? Throw it in the fishing kit, mmmm, no. I would think you would want to save this for your formal knifing needs and since there is no such thing......I am sure it is in pristine condition.

And what makes this a Princess Diana Knife? Does it resemble Diana? Is this the kind of blade Diana carried? Is it okay to blame your grandmum for your dumb post? [That last question was more of a judgment than a question in case you did not catch the subtlety].

Just in time for christmas! - $1500

theAd>>2007 Sportsman 90 green, excellent condition, low hours
Will make someone a great x-mas gift!
Won't last long

Wow that IS a great gift! I would love to get $1500 for Christmas. "Sportsman Green" Is that what the kids are calling it? I prefer d
ough, moolah, rhino, spondulicks and debloons, but whatever you call it, I really like cash. I honestly do not care how many hours my green has been used or what year it was minted. One thing is for sure...if you give me 1500 won't last long.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WaMu Action Teller! - $40

theAd>>Brand new, never personally opened.

This WaMu teller doll will revive all of your old Washington Mutual banking memories. The bank is no more, but the memories will live on through this superb action figure!

Great gift for someone who has worked at the bank that was responsible for the greatest financial collapse in the history of humankind!

Word to that. We have all heard our share of reason why the global economy is in the poopy bowl. I never really felt like I understood. All of the confusing jargon....sub-prime mortgages, TARP, Bankruptcy, fiscal irresponsibility, money.......What a relief to know that it was dolls. Dolls and bad choices brought them down [who can't say that about thier own lives though....right...hmmm...right?]

I am not clear if they produced these to sell or give away.

I can't decide which is the worse fiscal idea, making a doll to sell ....that will never sell or making a doll to give away free. They both loose money and now my ATM no longer engages in witty banter. [who doesn't miss that?]

Here is what is a GREAT idea. The placement of the "look whats inside" arrow. Teller is packin' some heat! "Ready for action" is right!

Chaulk Box - $30

theAd>>Hand carved carpenters chaulk box. don't know how old or where it came from. Great gift $30.00

image 1485973646-0

Is it a caulk or a chalk box? I can't make either of those make sense to me. Is chaulk something else? Is "carpenter" code for something sexually related like "bear" or "chicken hawk"? [go look it up, I'll wait....yeah see what I'm drivin at?]

Honestly, where it came from and how old it is are the LEAST of my questions.


Well it is that time of year again...the special posts where we explore the stupid ass crap the people think makes a "GREAT GIFT"

Our first selection.

theAd>>i have a set of tom anderson pantera claws. these are in excellent condition!!!! and it comes with a wonderful wall mount back piece to hang them up. it is a brass knuckle type set up with 3 blades kind of like wolverine. THESE ARE VERY SHARP! great for any cutlery collector. I have the box for them also. I AM ONLY ASKING $25! if interested please call mike

Mike, if you know someone that would like these, I think it is a safe bet that they are no way near mature enough to own them. Just because your mom came down to the basement where you live and found them, reminded you that this violated your parole and made you get rid of them does not mean you should put someone else in this same position.

Now do like your mama said and "throw those pieces of sh#@ out"

Who the f#*% is tom anderson pantera? the horrible hair band? Or the founder of MySpace? I feel confused. never mind, forget I asked.

Antique pitch fork - $100

theAd>>Decorative pitch fork has a beautiful patina. It measures 68.5"h x17" wide across top. At the base of the fork is a tightly stitched leather strip. Strong enough to pitch your hay with or just use as an attractive country wall decoration.

image 1490961273-0

I think this is what is missing at all of those "No Public Health Care" rallies! Sure you can call people Hitler or insist this is a plot for the government to take control, but those are reasonable arguments...and who hears reason? No sirree, shakin a pitchfork at a rally.......that's the kind of crazy that politicians listen to [by listen to I mean fear] an old movie once in a while.

Oh what? that was Frankenstein's monster, not a publicly elected official? Obvious mistake.