Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Princess Diana Knife - $25

theAd>>England's Rose, Princess Diana Knife.
A gift from my grandmother in England.
Still in the original box.

excellent condition

Make a great gift

Well I am sure it is in excellent condition. What, are you going to wear it out...from use....when would you use this and for what? Throw it in the fishing kit, mmmm, no. I would think you would want to save this for your formal knifing needs and since there is no such thing......I am sure it is in pristine condition.

And what makes this a Princess Diana Knife? Does it resemble Diana? Is this the kind of blade Diana carried? Is it okay to blame your grandmum for your dumb post? [That last question was more of a judgment than a question in case you did not catch the subtlety].

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