Tuesday, December 1, 2009

WaMu Action Teller! - $40

theAd>>Brand new, never personally opened.

This WaMu teller doll will revive all of your old Washington Mutual banking memories. The bank is no more, but the memories will live on through this superb action figure!

Great gift for someone who has worked at the bank that was responsible for the greatest financial collapse in the history of humankind!

Word to that. We have all heard our share of reason why the global economy is in the poopy bowl. I never really felt like I understood. All of the confusing jargon....sub-prime mortgages, TARP, Bankruptcy, fiscal irresponsibility, money.......What a relief to know that it was dolls. Dolls and bad choices brought them down [who can't say that about thier own lives though....right...hmmm...right?]

I am not clear if they produced these to sell or give away.

I can't decide which is the worse fiscal idea, making a doll to sell ....that will never sell or making a doll to give away free. They both loose money and now my ATM no longer engages in witty banter. [who doesn't miss that?]

Here is what is a GREAT idea. The placement of the "look whats inside" arrow. Teller is packin' some heat! "Ready for action" is right!

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