Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Antique pitch fork - $100

theAd>>Decorative pitch fork has a beautiful patina. It measures 68.5"h x17" wide across top. At the base of the fork is a tightly stitched leather strip. Strong enough to pitch your hay with or just use as an attractive country wall decoration.

image 1490961273-0

I think this is what is missing at all of those "No Public Health Care" rallies! Sure you can call people Hitler or insist this is a plot for the government to take control, but those are reasonable arguments...and who hears reason? No sirree, shakin a pitchfork at a rally.......that's the kind of crazy that politicians listen to [by listen to I mean fear]

Sheesh...watch an old movie once in a while.

Oh what? that was Frankenstein's monster, not a publicly elected official? Obvious mistake.

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