Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Well it is that time of year again...the special posts where we explore the stupid ass crap the people think makes a "GREAT GIFT"

Our first selection.

theAd>>i have a set of tom anderson pantera claws. these are in excellent condition!!!! and it comes with a wonderful wall mount back piece to hang them up. it is a brass knuckle type set up with 3 blades kind of like wolverine. THESE ARE VERY SHARP! great for any cutlery collector. I have the box for them also. I AM ONLY ASKING $25! if interested please call mike

Mike, if you know someone that would like these, I think it is a safe bet that they are no way near mature enough to own them. Just because your mom came down to the basement where you live and found them, reminded you that this violated your parole and made you get rid of them does not mean you should put someone else in this same position.

Now do like your mama said and "throw those pieces of sh#@ out"

Who the f#*% is tom anderson pantera?...like the horrible hair band? Or the founder of MySpace? I feel confused. never mind, forget I asked.

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