Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Lawn Geese - Concrete and Plasticand

theAd>> Having trouble finding Concrete & Plastic Lawn Geese?
We carry FULL-LINE OF Concrete Geese and outfits for all sizes. Extra-Small (9")- $12.00, Small (14")- $15.00, Medium (19")- $25.00, Large (24")- $40.00, Extra Large (29") - $50.00 and even the Large Plastic Goose - $25.00.
We are "Gifts & More Crafts Galore"

I can NEVER find clothes to fit my "husky" plastic goose. And my petite concrete goose...well forget about it. Flossy, that's her name, needed a raincoat last spring and every single one I bought her was just too long. I know you can have them shortened but they just don't seem to hang right afterward. You know what I mean.

Plus your prices are waaaaaay better than "Crap & Geese 'n Stuff" [And between you and me, the folks there are a little odd]

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