Monday, November 17, 2008

Elk Head mounted - $999

theAd>> I an selling an Elk head that is mounted from March 1977. Call if you would like pictures.

If you have more pictures, can I assume this was the best one!?

Is there no end to the creepy mounted stuff for sale? I keep thinking that I have posted my last mount but I just can't stop!

This one doubles as a nifty tool to remove unsightly acoustical ceiling tiles.

Although, I think that you should leave the sound-proofing in that porn studio, especially with that wood paneling. Sound travels.

Could you include some useful info, like dimensions [as you might remember this is an ongoing problem with mounts]. Knowing what month it was mounted in is... oh, what is the word....lame or weird, no I got it, DUMB!


  1. I have a pocket of lint I'm looking to dump off. Any takers?

  2. How Much you want for the lint? [I hate when they don't name a price.]