Wednesday, November 19, 2008

1974 ford pinto $800 bucks - $800

theAd>> I've got a 1974 ford pinto station wagon for sale. I just put in a new head so it runs tits! 74 means no smog! Currently registered pink slip in my hand. I need the money to pay the rent i just quite my job. seatbelt is stuck, automatic transmission. Lights blinkers everything works, Awooga horn! Its a 4 cylinder, its not fast dont expect it to be, gets decent gas mileage. The scrapyard will give me $800 dollars for it but i hate to crush a pinto (i'm a huge fan of these little things.) So $800 and you can drive this beuty home.
Its brown. $800 aint a bad deal for a car that runs perfect and is smog exempt, plust the scrapyard will gimme $800 bucks so dont offer me 700.
this thing is the shit though really. gimme a call give it a test drive!

I wonder how much the scrapyard would give you for it. I know you don't want to crush it. You should be careful. They crushed all those cars that ran electric. I can only imagine what they will do when they find out this one runs tits.

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