Thursday, November 20, 2008


theAd>> Title: "DRAW" signed and numbered by artist: WIM GRIFFITH

Bronze on marble base
Height: 25.5"

If this hunky, hairy-chested cowboy doesn't kill you with his fast draw, he'll kill you with his good looks. You may think you can beat him, but watch out, for this maverick spends every spare minute practicing in front of the mirror, just as he has been captured in this unique bronze (ONLY 1 CASTING).

With his feet are planted firmly beneath him, his hand is poised over the grip of his Peacemaker Colt 45 with an eight-inch barrel. His eyes are determined; his jaw is set. You might as well surrender and give him what he wants. If you wait until this leather pounder says, "Draw!" it will be too late.

"DRAW!" Sorry, greenhorn, too late.

Um .... I am speechless.

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