Friday, January 30, 2009

dishes, collectables, household items, etc. $15 Takes Al

theAd>>I just can't wait for spring to have a sale, but I need more room, so for one price here ya go.

Just To name A Few Things:

Glass plates and little saucers
White bowl stamped Italy on back
Plate that is Syracuse China
Vintage frosted etched wheat ceiling light cover
a doll that has name Hantverk on the bottom
Brand new out of box hot lather dispenser machine from J.C. Penny
Brand new non stick BBQ set
Very unique wooden puzzle nativity scene
Flintridge china tea cup
and much much more......

I do not know where to begin.

Is this like some sort of "first step" for hoarders? I bet it is some sort of "willing to get rid of it" test. Well you found the loop hole! Make your crap look soooo unappealing that nobody wants it

First, You do NOT need more space! You are nowhere near responsible enough to handle it. You DO need more discerning taste.

I will give you 15 bucks if you promise to buy a trash can AND use it.

So here is my WTF in no particular order.

1. Does that little puffy doll have horns...creepy.

2. Empty spice jars are trash, since when you buy more spices it will come in a jar.. this is a vicious cycle that will get you the title of "the spice jar lady" in the headlines announcing that you have been discovered under a pile of them. It's very tragic. Take them to the trash now, for safety sake.

3. I don't know why but used carpet freshener is gross. And really, how much can be left. Go sprinkle and vacuum and move on with your life.

4. What's in the zippy bag? Is that ham?

5. No matter how fancy the lidded jar was, once you only have the's trash.

6. Where are the cups that go with the Corelle saucers? Did you break them? I thought that stuff was unbreakable. Whatever. I know you are saying "Someone could use these as votive candle plates" [admit it] But just because they could, does not mean they should.....trash.

7. How much for the little bit of ikea twine....trash.

8. I WANT my food to stick to my BBQ utensils.

9. Gold fluffy pasties are neat.

10. WTF

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