Friday, January 23, 2009

BIDEN ....VP Air Force Two Beer Glasses Case of 24 New Obama - $120

theAd>>For sale: (1) One Case of (24) Twenty Four (16 oz.)Beer Glasses...... Vice President of the United States...... Air Force Two....Vice President of the United States..... Seal and Picture are deep satin etched into the glass..... Restaurant / Bar quality 16 oz. clear beer glass...... Dishwasher / Microwave safe..... Etched glass will last the life of the glass.....

I am always wondering who buys all of that presidential crap. Well now it seems down right logical compared to VICE-Presidential crap.

Plus, I had no idea his plane was Air Force 2. [Anything called #2 makes me laugh, I am just that mature]

So lets do the math. 1 [case] + 24 [glasses] x 16 [ozs] - 2 [ plane name] = $120 fickin dollars!

Really.., Worth every penny. Each beer will seem like you are right there...havin a brewsky with the Joe-ster. I know it's my dream.

Biden seems like a PBR guy, right?

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