Thursday, October 23, 2008

VINTAGE 1980s DESIGNER Hawaiian Plumeria Flowers SUIT * "X" Design * - $14

The Ad >> Vintage 1980s Designer Hawaiian Red & Gold Plumeria Flowers on black background with White Polka Dots Suit in Excellent condition. Flowers & Polka Dots are all the rage on the Fashion Runways for Fall. Style includes Cute jacket with 4 Fabric buttons up front, unusual White Collar that ends in a "X" design in the back with another Fabric button to match, Sleeves have white cuffs with matching fabric button. Skirt has elastic waist, zips up and back kick pleat. Looks great with pumps. For more unique New Designer, Vintage Clothes & Furs search "xxx-xxxx". Extra 10% off Clothes if you buy 3 or more items!

Measurements are: Jacket: Bust 40", Waist 35", Hips 40", Length 21"
Skirt: 28" Waist, 38" Hips, 23" Length, Ladies Sizes 6-10 Medium. $14

3 questions

First, Was there really not one piece of pattern-free floor to photograph on?

Second, Why is her waist 35 inches for the jacket and 38 for the skirt? Maybe the jacket sort of belts the skirt when buttoned. Then, after dinner the jacket comes off and voila! room for dessert! Yeah that's probably it.

Third, WTF?

In case you did not read the novel-like description here is what you need to know

"flowers and polka dots are all the rage on the fashion runway for fall"
"looks great with pumps"

$14 seems fair as long as it looks good with pumps, right.

1 comment:

  1. In no way can this suit be compared to anything that is "all the rage" on the Fall fashion runways. However, this suit fills me with all the rage I have, and I want to see it it on a runway--getting plowed by a jumbo jet.