Thursday, October 23, 2008

Shamu Rocks Killer Whale Mini Lava Lamp Hourglass-New - $7

TheAd>> If this item is still listed IT IS STILL FOR SALE>For sale is a SeaWorld Shamu Rocks Killer Whale Show promo item made exclusively for Sea World. It looks like a lava lamp but works like an egg timer or hourglass. When you turn it upside down the colored fluid beads and flows slowly down, creating beautiful shapes and patterns. It is 6" high by 2" wide, and is brand new, in perfect condition, in it's original box. Really unusual, I've never seen another one like it. Perfect for the collector on your list, or keep it for yourself. If you are interested please call Sheri

Sheri. You seem a little testy. Your first line is a bit passive/aggressive, without the passive. Are ya havin' a real influx of folks asking if it is still available? Cause I would just assume that it is. No need to shout.

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  1. "It looks like a lava lamp but works like an egg timer..."