Wednesday, August 12, 2009


theAd>>Pink Kitty Cat Wrapping Paper 49.8 sq ft
Pink Kitty Cat Tissue Paper 100.2 sq ft
Pink Kitty Cat Cards with envelope 12 pack

This is brand new in wrapper still.
$7 for all of it.

Who wraps a cat? Seems like enough paper to wrap a few cats. Oh but I hate when you run out of paper before you make it all the way around the cat.

Now envelopes seem convenient! Complete with cards. Nothing says thank you or happy birthday like getting cat!

As for tissue paper....make your cat learn to use the litter box. Don't let him tell you he can't. And there should be no need for tissue paper.

BTW, If a photo is less accurately descriptive than no photo, or a stick drawing or a random picture of something else then leave it out. I have photos of my kids and my car that look more like kitty cat paper than your photo.

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