Friday, February 27, 2009

Vanmark's handcrafted collection Legends of lore Sir Tristen Knight - $25

theAd>>Vanmark's handcrafted collection Legends of lore Sir Tristen Knight of Telispar is the bravest and most decorated knight in the order of calere in original box with certificate of authenticity for only $25.00

I found this listed in my new favorite category...collectibles. We could rename the category "useless." Generally anything with an actual function will fit in another category. Let's face it...the category "household" is really broad! If it doesn't fit there, then it is a really turd. This bring me to my other point. ANYTHING is collectible...A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

Try this. Walk down the street for a few blocks and pick up every piece of dog crap you find.

Go ahead, I'll wait. Okay good, you're back.

So now here is the big surprise. You are a collector!!!!

You have a totally unique collection..each piece is "one of a kind"! Without much difficulty, I am sure you could get a certificate of authenticity.

Am I implying that Sir Weirdotard of the Dumbasslands is a piece of crap...uh yeah. But the real message is this.

Dear Seller,

Get a real boyfriend. He won't be a a knight in shining armor, but he also won't be made of resin and bought off of QVC .

He will like you too. You won't be made of latex and you will have real features, not just "realistic" ones.

I think if you both lower those expectations just a hair [okay maybe quite a bit more....a little more...that should do it!] you might just live happily ever after.

Note. If the seller here is a guy. weekly marathon D&D is NOT a social life.

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