Wednesday, January 7, 2009

2 Pelonis Ceramic Disc Heater - $45

theAd>>have 2 Pelonis Ceramic Disc Furnaces for sale. Both are in good working condition and have the filters in the back. Will sell one for $25.00 or both for $45.00.

Sometimes I wonder to myself...If I actually wanted to burn down my house, make it look like an accident and collect on the would I do that? Well, I would have to buy the necessary items from as private party to avoid tracing. HMMM...and I wouldn't want to spend over $50 bucks.....hypothetically.

Oh sorry, I was distracted for a minute.

Any who, get a load of the nasty ass filters on these heaters. Those things look like they could burn your house down. STEER CLEAR!

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