Monday, December 1, 2008

bad ass ink tattoo services for trade

theAd>> If you want someone to cater to the creative and unique side of your tattoo along with hospital quality sterilization contact me. Do you care about the quality of the work that is going on you? Do you feel that the tattoo artist should be able to draw your tattoo thus showing the skills necessary to tattoo it. Do you believe that when you are going to someone to have them put a design on your body for life that they treat you with respect and have the skills to complete the job.....? well so do I.
I believe that getting a unique custom tattoo that speaks for you and has personal meaning is worth the time and money that goes into your award winning artwork

What I am looking for..../..../..../
HP pivillion dv9000 17 inch laptop
macbook pro 15 or 17 inch laptop (intel core Duo processor)
22 or 24 inch rims for a 2004 ford truck
17 inch or larger wall mount computer monitor with tv hook up.
a real nice bedroom set or/and a nice armwore

t-shirts made from my design. business cards

canon rebel XTi rebel camera with lenses.
Large plasme TV
wedding or enguagement rings GOLD with reciept

golf cart

apple cinema display 20 or 23 inch
flat screen for wall to play movies or large flat screen TV

desert eagle or 50, 45,40 cal hand gun

When you see a guy, in a golf cart, with his fiance', brandishing a gun DO NOT stop to ask him how he feels about the art of tattooing. Cause this guy will not shut UP! Sure having all three of your legs covered in Templar Knights says a little something about you. I just don't know what.

Oh and how many TV and computers do you need? I guess you'll an extra want to watch from the "real nice" bedroom set with your "Armwore" [BTW, I find that term degrading]

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