Wednesday, November 5, 2008

street fighter figures - $1

theAd>>random collectibles, dont use them anymore

Okay, a couple of things to point out here.

1. Random implies a lack of commonality. I think if you look very closely, you will see a pattern. The odds of a collection randomly consisting of only scantily clad, busty, female figures is pretty slim.

2. I am torn. While I am thrilled that you don't "use them anymore" I am concerned, appalled, confused [I can't pick the right word] that you "used" them in the first place.

Here is my suggestion. Put the little ladies in a paper bag, go up stairs [I assume you live in a basement], sneak past your mom [I assume you live at home] take them out to the trash and push them to the bottom. You don't want your parents finding them. Adding to the disappointment that you have been to them is just cruel.

Don't ya feel better? Sure ya do! Now put on that paper hat and get to work.

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