Friday, November 14, 2008

Skittles Novelty Taste The Rainbow Adult Black Jacket - $1

theAd>> I bought this jacket on impulse in Orlando on Oct 16th of this year and have no need for it. It is NEW, I do however need the money I payed $180 for it it’s stitched and hard to find. It is a Large and would be a great Xmas present to anyone that likes NASCAR or a colorful expensive looking novelty jacket. In addition the one time I wore it kept me very warm one of a kind can’t be found very easy and nowhere in Saint Louis I am selling for best offer would at least like to get $125 though I need the money for bills.

What large adult male wants a "colorful expensive looking novelty Jacket"? Apparently not even the one who bought it.

Let me make this clear. this jacket was expensive, HOWEVER, it is NOT expensive looking.

Once the seasick feeling from your strange and confusing punctuation subsided I realize that you are just an idiot. No straight man would wear a "taste the rainbow" jacket for fear of an ass whooping and no gay man would wear it because it is warthog ugly. I think think the jacket can only be described as forever yours.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAH Oh my god, who would pay $180 for this? Who would pay 50¢???? I am linking your blog to mine. This is a hoot.