Saturday, November 1, 2008

sick ass TL1000 Gorgeous and fast as hell! - $3500

theAd>> This is one sick ass bike. Titanium all over the motor!. ....the bike sounds like a mean ass drag bike. She has been raised in the rear subframe to accomodate me, I am 6.1, 195 ilbs. The bike was previously owned by a ROCKSTAR Drink Co. exec. and was at the track killing other bikes. Awesome compression. TOO MUCH TO MENTION!!!!!!!!This bike will smoke anything. The bike has never been dumped and has a CLEAN TITLE!!!
the bad:
Nothing....the paint is fading on the rear. I get a drop of oil every few days.

I don't think I would be interested until the "Ass Sickness" clears up. I have a couple of kids and dogs, I have not found a sick ass to be a good ass.

I think you should look into the your Bike's willingness to "Smoke Anything" this is probably what is leading to the risky behavior, causing Ass Sickness and possibly the drops of oil.

If she "sounds like a mean ass drag bike." She may not be a "real" girl. Look under tranny in the owners manual.

My main concern, of course, is that your bike is "killing other bikes". I think you need intervention. I see a need for professional help.

I see a bike with a huge ego and low self esteem. Probably from "never having been dumped".

Good luck

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