Saturday, November 15, 2008

Phone - M&M Studio Phone - $25

theAd>> Colorful phone features, animated movement, 30 second sound chip and light effect triggered by incoming call. Red character will move from side to side, Green, Yellow and Blue will rise from the film cans and bow to the audience. Light in the globe will light up and the "M&M's" STUDIO disc will rotate clockwise.
Sound chip & light effect triggered by in-coming calls
Demo button [Cause you want to feel the magic any old time]
Buzzer / animation / off selectable [Buzz is right]
Receiver volume HI/Lo control [Mostly HI]
Ringer volume Hi/Lo control
Tone/Pulse switchable
Flash/Redial buttons [AKA the Flash Back button]

Great news! Spend $25 and you will never have to buy acid again. It's more than a phone, it's an investment.

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