Sunday, November 2, 2008

NEW Peach Wall Wicker BASKET Accent Decoration * Silk Flowers * - $4

theAd>> New Summer Peach Wall Wicker Basket Decoration with Peach Silk Flowers, Peach Ribbon around Wicker Handle, Dried Flowers inside Wicker Basket, Ivory Lace Bows. I bought New & didn't use; you just hang anywhere on a wall to brighten up the room as a accent piece. Measures Width 12", Length 14".

keywords>> Beach, Picture, Painting, Home Accent, Scented Candles, Holder, Metal, Chrome, Stainless, Hanging Basket, Wedding Present, Bridesmaid, Gift, Figurine, Doll

NEW? Someone is still producing these? Peach and Ivory, huh? I see them poised for a comeback. After reading the list of ingredients it appears that this basket is biodegradable and safe to throw away. hint, hint.

Please do not do as the keywords suggest and use this as a wedding gift.

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