Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heavy Artsy Mirror with Paintbrush detail

theAd>> I bought this at an auction and placed it on top of the 3 drawer dresser that I am also selling separately. It got alot of good praises as it is a very unique piece. I will be throwing in the same primary colors foldable coat hooks and a pencil design standing one(needs to be put together so its not pictured). Cash & Carry

Okay Cash & Carry [If those are your real names] Nobody cares where you got this monstrosity, what you did with it when it was in your home or what free crap you are trying to pawn off with it. The "praises" were a cover up for the look of shock and awe on the faces of the folks trying to understand why a grown-up had this over the dresser.

You need to donate this to a pre-school so it can scare children away from a dead-end art career like god intended.

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