Monday, October 27, 2008

**70 RESTO DRUID AND 70 HUNTER** - $599

TheAd>> 2 70s for sale. Both Horde. PvP server low pop. Server Transfer is up.

Resto Druid (points were reset after patch havent been used yet)All epics over 1700+ to heals mostly pvp gear. Epic Mount. Over 10k unused honor and lots of unused arena points.

Troll Hunter. (points havent been used) All epics except pants, Enchanting is mid 300's. Again Mostly pvp unused honor and arena points.

The resto druid is worth more than 600 alone, if played right almost impossible to kill great heals! Hunter does very well for pvp. Cash only no checks. Meet in person transaction in person, im not shady so I expect the same from you, if we set up a meet i will log in for you to inspect the characters, no armory info will be given out, sorry. And remember.....

What is this? It sounds like you get a lot of something for $599. But WHAT!?

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